Dr. Jose Ignacio Rodriguez-Ospina

Suffolk Primary Health LLC. offers a wide variety of health services ie;

Yearly physicals, Employee physicals, EKG's, ABI's, Pulmanary function Tests, Echo's, Carotid Sono's, LE Arterial, UE Arterial, Renal Doppler, Thyroid, Abdominal Ultra sound, In-Office Laboratory Service, pap smear test., Allergy shots.  (Bilingual)

PSYCHIATRY Therapy and medication management:

Dr. Luis Maldonado  (Bilingual)

In today's ever changing world you may be in need of Psychiatric services due to sources of stress in our lives. If you have had the following you may consider seeking services:

*Changes in mood.
*Experiencing fear
*Mental illness
*Problems Sleeping
*We offer an environment that is SAFE and CONFIDENTIAL.

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La Salud de Los Pacientes Empiesas en Su Casa!
The Health of the Patient Begins at Home!

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Podiatry Services:

Dr. Rachel Perl